No tied belt Waterproof Apron


No tied belt design shortens the time of wearing and taking off apron
Main features:
Easy to wear & take off     Fitted design    Washable    Breathable
Easy to storage     Apply for various uses

Apron is a necessary protective cover for our daily life. Our unique design is specifically for both official and home use.

Easy to wear & take off --- faster than ever
Unlike normal aprons on the market, it only needs one step for users to wear this unique apron before working, cooking, cleaning, etc. With its unique design of C memory steel ring, users don’t need to spend time tying strings during wearing apron. After working, with only one step, users can take off the apron immediately without untying strings of apron. In this way, users can wear and take off it faster than ever.

Revolutionary experience of wearing apron
Comfortable and convenient experience comes from its C memory ring on the waist area of apron; this design solves the problem of tying strings of traditional apron. Users only need to open and put C ring on the waist.

Size: S ~ XL
1.Kitchen 2.Cleaning 3.Construction 4.Gardening 5.Children 6.Nursing 7.BBQ 8.Restaurant











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