Type: Ak-02

No Paste Decal Kitchen Sticker



Waterproof . oil proofing.high temperature resistance                 
No sticky paste necessary,use the water just could be re-stick      

place of use:                                                 

Kitchen, refrigerator, microwave, bathroom, aquarium, glass window, glass or tiles wall.

With static electricity theory which let the art kitchen stick stick on the tile or other flat toppings. Just use water to wet the surface of the tile than put the art kitchen stick on it. Waterproof and washable which keeps your kitchen clean and fashionable


  1. No paint,No tools,No sticky paste necessary.use the water just could be

  2. Wipe kitchen or bathroom surface clean.
  3. Use clean wet wiper wipe the back of the art kitchen stick .
  4. Put the art kitchen stick on the tile, push the air bubble from inside out.
  5. If the art kitchen stick is not flat, just re-stick it on the tile.
  6. If the four corner start losing just wet the corner and re-stick on the tile.
  7. When it get dirty just remove that it could be re-stick and change a new one.

Material: surface: 100% polyester, Base: PVC/PE

Pattern Download



Pattern Download