Type: SMT-05

Shirelyro Square Towel


Introduction: Exceptional absorbency and ultra-soft touch caress your skin and give you a comfortable feeling.

Our exclusive silky square towel is made of latest polyester fibers by our advanced technology. It offers both silky smooth touch and high absorbency.

Its exceptional softness offers silky touch to make you comfortable.

2.Exceptional absorbency
Its absorbency is higher than existing common square towel and competition. Its exceptional absorbency makes wet skin dry immediately.

3.Dry quickly &More hygienic
It’s made of 100% polyester fiber. It dries more quickly than common Bathrobe. It’s also a better way to reduce the growth of bacteria and maintain hygiene.

Its softness and absorbency maintain the same after repeated laundering.

Its polyester material and lint-free design reduce the population of house dust mite. It’s a better way to reduce allergy symptoms.


Its cloth to have glossy with practical.

Size:Free L 150~180CM

Color:Pink,White,Sky blue,Purple,Yellow

Function: Drying and cleaning/Decorating and warm keeping

Cleaning Instruction:

Wash it regularly by hand with conventional soap and dry in cool

  • Either dry clean or water wash is ok
  • Clean and wring it in washing machine, and then hang it in cool
  • Soak in the neutral detergent and flush with water which is under 40°C
  • Do not brush hard; do not use softener and bleach