Type: BMF01 Body Massage
& builder
Multifunction:2-in-1 double-sided features
  • Face cleaning massager brush*1
  • Body massager brush*1
  • Double-sided scraping ring*1
  • Exercising & beauty-back belt*1
Functions Body massager & builder helps you in cleaning, massaging, relaxing, rejuvenating, scraping, & exercising. It also assists you to polish away dull skin, muscular, and bring you from puff to buff.

  • How to Use Massage & Builder?
The Face cleaning massager brush
First, put the face washer/lotion on your face. Then use soft brush to clean your skin. After cleaning your face, use studded-side to massage your face.
The Body massager brush
First, put shower gel or soap all over your body. Use soft brush to clean your skin, then use studded-side with lotion or massage gel to massage your skin.
Double-sided scraping ring
It can scraping, clean and massager your scalp. Use with baby oil/lotion scrape clean and massage your scalp.
Note: after scraping, if your skin becomes red-spotted or dark purple color, it indicates has been ill.
Exercising & beauty-back belt
Use soft brush with lotion/soap to clean your back and beautifying the skin on your back. Use studded-side with massage oil to remove fat on your body. It can also be used when exercising to lose fat.


use body lotion or massage oil to massage your leg, it can slim your leg and release your pressure and pain.


it can use to massage your foot, to stimulate blood circulation and metabolism. It can also make your skin smooth and beautiful.