Type: BT01 Massage Towel
Specification 1050mmx70mm
Material Options TPE, Medical, Classic PVC
Color Options Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Transparence Use in the shower or bath with your favorite cleanse. The bumpy side works like a stimulating massager, softer side gently exfoliates dry, rough spots. It's 2 in 1 tool for the smooth, sleeker skin!
Functions Brush side helps removing aging calluses, fatty grains and achieves the beauty for skin while granular side provides the function of fat dissipation, boost blood circulation, maintains skin soft and silky.
Refine skin surface.

  • How to Use Massage Towel?
  Apply shower gel or soap over your body first, massage your body with granular side than use the brush side to scrub aging calluses. Furthermore, if you would like to use slim lotion or body lotion after clean, you can use granular side to massage. Clean the massage towel using water and hang dry.
Neck and Shoulder Back Abdomen
Hold both sides of towel and move left and on back of your
neck. Move up and down on your shoulders.
Hold both sides of towel and move forward and backward along back of body from upper back down to the legs.
Hold both sides of towel and move left to right across chest, from upper chest to the abdomen.
Legs Body Relaxation  
Hold both sides of towel and move around thigh and leg up and down. Fold the towel in half-granular side outward. Hit over your
body to simulate blood circulation and relief body pain. ( suitable in any place but do not use while bathing )




Bumpy Side

reduces cellulite and shapes up the body.



  • Disconnecting Assembly
  • Connecting Assembly



1.Adjust the length of towel base on your body shape required.
2. Wet the connection knobs for easier assembly.