Wei Han is a professional manufacturer of oral irrigator products. The oral irrigator is FDA approved, and can be installed both on basin and bath shower faucets. The jet bar is made into one piece to prevent from cracking when the water pressure is bigger. In addition, the jet bar is all made of environmental friendly material which is non-poisonous and non-polluted. Please view the following information for more details.

Type: GB2-Oral Irrigator



Material: ABS, P, PU
Jet Bar * 5
Jet Bar Base * 1
Change-over Switch+
Water Sealing Washer * 1
Adapter * 3
3M Twin Adhesive *
Hose * 1
Plastic Adaptor * 1
Movable Cupule * 1
Inserts * 2
Screws * 2

Personal Pack with single jet bar is also avaliable.

  • How to Use Oral Irrigator?

First lift up the jet bar and position tip in the oral cavity.

Turn faucet on and regulate the water flow from small to large, depending on your preference.
At change-over switch, switch to a position where teeth-flushing is ready to use.
Flush off the food residue between the gums until your oral cavity clean.

  • How to Install Oral Irrigator?
Step 1.
If the change-over switch has a fast fitting, plug in the hose directly.

Step 3. -Method 2.
Use electric drill to drill a hole on the wall, then hammer in the plastic insert and tighten the screw to secure the base to the wall.

Step 2.
Screw in the jet bar to the other end of the hose.
Step 4.
Place the jet bar on the base in order. The job is then done.
Step 3. -Method 1.
Fix the base of the jet bar to the wall. Using either of the
following two methods.
Stick the twin adhesive to the back of the bade and then stick the base to the wall. ( Wipe clean the wall surface where you wan to
stick to with dry clean cloth. )

  • Oral Irrgator can be installed on majority of aerator faucets: