Type: GD-01 Portable Denture Storage Box & Double-sided Denture Cleaning Brush

Unlock Pull safety locking pin downwards and push locking button upwards.
Lock Shut the box tightly by pushing the safety locking pin upwards.

New leakproof

Durable, leakproof denture cleaning and storage case which holds two dentures and has a separate compartment to store the double-sided denture cleaning brush.

.Light weight and easy for carry out as a travel kit. 

.The box can be tightly shut with the small plastic, safety locking pin. 

.Cleaning tablets can be storaged in the brush compartment as well. 

.with mirror and specific double-sided, small and easy to grip denture cleaning brush.

.White brush for cleaning gumline and pointed black brush for cleaning crevices.

.Available in red, green and blue.