Type: WW-02 Waterproof

breathable pad

  • Specification

Ultra supple and natural~

Woven with superfine fibers~

Ultra absorbent to keep the body clean and dry~

◎Special characteristic: ultra thin, ultra soft and easy to clean

◎Product characteristic:

   Breathable: The bottom layer is of high quality TPU with is breathable and waterproof, it will prevented fluid from seeping onto the bed sheets and mattress.

   Absorbent: Able to quickly absorb fluids; can absorb up to two times its own weight, keeping the body clean and dry.

   Will not become stiff and rigid upon drying, and due to its long thread continual weave, it’s very durable.

Contain warmth: The superfine fiber is warm to touch and can maintain body warmth upon contact with skin.


◎Material quality:

Superfine fiber Microfiber             

polyester fiber Polyester 75%

nylon fiber Polyamide 25%

exterior: Superfine fiber cloth

bottom layer: TPU membrane

※SIZE: 90*150cm (±2)


◎   Use:

Suitable for seniors or people who are bedridden or for hospital stays or for seniors or children with incontinence, and for babies and infants who wet the bed or even good to use during female menstrual cycle. So as to prevent the wetting of bed sheets and mattresses and to keep the skin clean and dry. It can be use as a regular bed sheet.

◎   Attention:

After a period of time, please use the regular soap or detergent to clean and air dry naturally. Do not use fabric softener to avoid the degrading of the fiber structure which will affect the absorbency.